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Since 1950 Kugler BIMETAL SA has manufactured, exclusively, parts in steel/Kugler-TOKAT bronze, intended to solve problems of friction. These parts have been developed to meet the most demanding applications where extreme operating conditions are encountered: severe mechanical stresses, high speeds, high accuracy and high temperatures. Such parts, machined to very precise tolerances, are found in the following areas of application: aeronautics, defence, transport, all kinds of machinery, hydraulics, etc.


Kugler’s Bimetal: The sustainable solution for tribology problems

«Tribology allows materials and energy savings»

On the way to achieving its new vision, Kugler Bimetal SA offers to its customers a complex technical knowledge split into two poles, a tribology one and a metallurgical one.

Together with new specialists in the field of metallurgy and industrialization, Kugler Bimetal is at its customers disposal to provide them the best solution to their specific tribology needs.