The Kugler BIMETAL casting process makes it possible to obtain parts which combine in an optimal manner the mechanical properties of steel with the excellent anti-friction characteristics of special KUGLER Tokat bronzes. The BIMETAL-Technology makes applications possible in various high-tech applications in the heavy industry such as, heavy duty industrial gear boxes, presses, construction and mining equipment as well as heavy duty diesel engines.

Presses and Stamping Machines

1.102 A1 BIMETAL Radial Bearings and Guides

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine (4-Stroke)

1.103 A2 BIMETAL Spherical Bearings

Hydropower Equipment and Wind Power Plants

1.105 A1 BIMETAL Thrust Bearing Pads

Turbocharger und Industrial Gas Turbines

1.107 A1 BIMETAL Radial Bushings

1.107 A2 BIMETAL Tilting Pads

Construction Equipment and Crushers

1.111 A1 BIMETAL Spherical Bearings

1.111 A2 BIMETAL Bearings

Heavy Duty Gear Boxes (Planetary Type, Worm Transmission)

1.112 A3 BIMETAL Worm Wheel

1.112 A4 BIMETAL Gear

1.112 B1 BIMETAL Bearing for Planetary Wheel Support

Research and Development

CERN BIMETAL Grease Cushion