The application of BIMETAL will successfully solve your friction and sliding problems for bearings in different sectors of industry, such as machine-tools, presses, locomotives, heavy duty diesel engines, heavy duty gear boxes and various construction equipment.

The quality of BIMETAL will guarantee best performances at high speed, and according to the application, with specific loads over 70 N/mm2 (10’200 lb/in2).

Distribution Channel for Bimetal Standard Tubes

We have the pleasure to announce that after many years of collaboration, Kugler Bimetal SA and Brütsch-Rüegger-Metals SA have taken a new step in their cooperation and trust, and signed an exclusive distributor’s agreement, for Kugler Bimetal Tubes.

Brütsch-Rüegger-Metals SA is a great partner, and this relationship reflects Kugler Bimetal SA’s desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of delivering high quality products and services.

Any request of pricing and order should be addressed directly to Brütsch-Rüegger-Metals SA (contacts details below). Tubes will be stocked at Brütsch-Rüegger-Metals SA’s facilities.

For any price request of Bimetal tubes, please contact :


Brütsch/Rüegger Metals AG

Althardstrasse 83

CH 8105 Regensdorf

Email : info(at)brr.ch       Tel : +41 44 871 34 34      Web: www.brr.ch


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