The shape, clearance, and surface condition of the sliding parts are to be determined by the customer according to his application. As a general rule, we would make the following remarks:

Surface condition (finish on sliding parts)

KUGLER-Tokat bronze

N5 to N6 i.e. Ra 0.4 à 0.8 microns (Ra 16 – 32 microinches)

  • Machine by material cutting
  • Avoid polishing, honing, grinding
  • These operations may encrust the surface of the bronze with abrasive particles


N4 i.e. Ra 0.1 – 0.2 microns (Ra 8 micro-inches)

  • Avoid, if possible, chromium plating (bad for the lubricant)



KUGLER-Tokat bronze

See table, according to the type of bronze and the thickness of layer


Minimum 55 HRC (For Tokat 30 with a high lead content, minimum 35 HRC)


Adjustment of the assembly (normal bore)

KUGLER-Tokat bronze

H7 or F7


F7 (H6/H7 for slow and oscillating movements)


Lubrication grooves

Rotating and oscillating movements: Straight grooves at 45° to point of contact

Flat parts, linear guides

Arrange the grooves so as to ensure the best distribution of lubricant.

  • If lubrication is not continuous (bubbling, etc), grooves must not be placed crosswise


Operating temperatures

Kugler-BIMETAL parts can operate within a temperature range of -70°C à +250°C

  • Consult Kugler BIMETAL SA in specific cases