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Since 1950 Kugler BIMETAL SA has manufactured, exclusively, parts in steel/Kugler-TOKAT bronze, intended to solve problems of friction. These parts have been developed to meet the most demanding applications where extreme operating conditions are encountered: severe mechanical stresses, high speeds, high accuracy and high temperatures. Such parts, machined to very precise tolerances, are found in the following areas of application: aeronautics, defence, transport, all kinds of machinery, hydraulics, etc.

Kugler Bimetal appoints Vincent Gillet as its new CEO

Kugler BIMETAL SA has acquired over the years a unique expertise in the manufacturing of complex and sophisticated parts, a specific know-how based in particular on the BIMETAL process.

In 2019, Kugler BIMETAL was acquired by a fund whose investors’ ambition is to accelerate the company’s international development and expand its activities. To achieve this, Kugler BIMETAL recently appointed Vincent Gillet as new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With the Management team, he will lead a full scale-up of the company, expanding its footprint in Europe and on international markets, reinforcing existing partnerships with strategic clients, developing new logistic services to address customers’ needs and bringing his expertise to Kugler’s innovative projects in laser deposition.

“I am thrilled to join Kugler BIMETAL and its dynamic team. I am eager to meet Kugler’s customers and strengthen the long term relations that have been established. I look forward to bring my experience as CEO of Arcelor’s Processing BU (ArcelorMittal TOP), which manufactures metal components for large industrial clients, as well as from the management of BeAM Machines, specialized in laser deposition and additive manufacturing, to reinforce Kugler’s unique expertise.” says Vincent Gillet.

Vincent Gillet spent most of his career in the ArcelorMittal Group in Europe and the US. Starting in 2001 as VP of Business Development, he was appointed CEO of the Processing business unit (ArcelorMittal TOP) in 2006, overseeing the manufacturing of metal components for the group’s major industrial clients at its plants in Europe, India, China and Egypt. In 2011, Vincent headed the ArcelorMittal’s Construction Projects business line, and in 2015 was promoted to General Manager, Business Development at ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions.
In 2017, he joined as CEO an innovative startup, BeAM Machines, a pioneering provider of additive manufacturing machines based on the Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology. He developed the company internationally with sales over 12 countries.

Vincent Gillet holds an MBA from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and an Engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale d’Arts et Métiers.

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We have anticipated the evolution of regulations as well as that of our customer requirements. We have therefore extensively invested in R&D over the last years, in order to release Kugler Bimetal’s new solution, the Tokat 300. This solution responds to market demand for higher performance, cost efficiency and lead-free.


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Kugler’s Bimetal: The sustainable solution for tribology problems

«Tribology allows materials and energy savings»

On the way to achieving its new vision, Kugler Bimetal SA offers to its customers a complex technical knowledge split into two poles, a tribology one and a metallurgical one. Together with new specialists in the field of metallurgy and industrialization, Kugler Bimetal is at its customers disposal to provide them the best solution to their specific tribology needs.