Since 1950 Kugler BIMETAL SA has manufactured, exclusively, parts in steel/Kugler-TOKAT bronze, intended to solve problems of friction. These parts have been developed to meet the most demanding applications where extreme operating conditions are encountered: severe mechanical stresses, high speeds, high accuracy and high temperatures. Such parts, machined to very precise tolerances, are found in the following areas of application: aeronautics, defence, transport, all kinds of machinery, hydraulics, etc.



Valued Customers and Suppliers,

The COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime and unfortunately tragic situation, with its share of challenges and exceptional measures. Kugler Bimetal SA is monitoring the situation on a daily basis, responding to both Swiss Government and French Government restrictions, in view of our personnel’s cross-border residencies. Keeping the best interest for both our personnel’s health and safety, and our customer’s changing requirements.

Kugler Bimetal SA has taken necessary actions, amongst which: postponed visits, home-office, conference-calls, strong internal communication, material distribution and precautionary/disinfecting measures.

Kugler Bimetal SA thereby intends to maintain full production capacity, unless further Government restrictions were to prevent us from doing so.

Best regards,

Kugler Bimetal SA.