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The Kugler Bimetal process permits the fabrication of steel mechanical parts, which have one or more surfaces covered with a thin layer of KUGLER-Tokat.

The steel/bronze interface features a zone of intermetallic diffusion of between 3 and 5 microns without the appearance of weak phases. This ensures perfect adhesion; in every case the mechanical properties of the interface are superior to those of bronze itself.

Steel and Tokat bronze are linked in an inseparable fashion to form one part.


The parts are produced by a process of gravity casting of bronze Tokat onto steel. The steel to be treated is supplied either by the customer or by Kugler Bimetal.

Before casting, Kugler Bimetal machines the rough steel of the part and prepares it for casting. It should be noted that the surfaces to receive the bronze have no artificial anchorages such as metallic or other under-layers which could weaken the steel/bronze intermetallic bond.

After casting and cooling, the parts are re-machined according to the customer’s drawings and delivered either in rough state or semi-finished or finished, as required.

If requested, parts can be delivered with a protective layer against rust (tin or zinc plating, etc.) or a run in layer (white metal, iridium or other).

Our production methods in casting and machining enable us to produce parts not only in medium and long runs, but also one-off prototypes for very quick delivery.

The nature of the steel/bronze tokat interface

The Kugler Bimetal casting process ensures the perfect adhesion of bronze to steel. This is due to a thin intermetallic diffusion without the appearance of weak phases.

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