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The quality of the interface offers considerable advantages to the users of Kugler Bimetal parts with excellent mechanical properties (with partial transfer of load to the steel) and perfect « anchorage » of bronze in thin layers (that allows the thermal expansion of the Kugler Bimetal parts to be kept close to that of the steel in case of heating or thermal shock). This means that, under operating conditions, mechanical clearances can be kept both accurate and constant.



  • The friction layer is integrated in the part, only where it is needed.



  • Reduction of the number or dimensions of parts, resulting in substantial economies.

Strength and security


  • The perfect steel/Tokat bond allows applications at temperatures from -70°C à +250°C (or higher, if the bronze does not contains more than 1% lead).

Great security in use

  • No galling on steel in the event of a lubrication breakdown Kugler BIMETAL parts act as "self-lubricating".
  • Ability to alter shape under load in order to adapt better to the counter-piece without damaging it (accommodation).
  • Ability to absorb hard abrasive particles into the friction surface.

Further treatment

The steel/bronze bond is not affected by later heating, up to about +700°C.

In the course of manufacturing, the customer may, therefore:

  • Weld the steel portion of the Kugler BIMETAL parts.
  • Carry out treatments to the steel surface, such as nitrating or tempering by induction.
  • And even, in certain cases, carry out thermal treatments on the whole part.

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